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Does your iPhone look like this?
Broken iPhone
We use aftermarket full assembly screens to keep costs down. We have these replacement parts for the 5S, 6 and 6S on hand and this ensures a much quicker repair turnaround.  The quality of these screens is as good as the genuine Apple replacement part.  We can also use genuine Apple replacement parts, by request, but the price for the repair would increase.  Please ask for quote on using genuine Apple replacement parts.  Since we do not have the genuine Apple replacement part on hand, we would need to order the part.

Average repair time is 4 hours but this is also dependent on other projects, repairs or emergencies.  We would prefer to setup a date and time for you to drop off your phone.  This appointment will afford us the best opportunity to finish your phone in the fastest time possible.  Our goal is to get your phone back in your hands as soon as possible.
It’s imperative that you do a proper shutdown of the device when you bring it in.  This proper shutdown will help to minimize the chances of any data loss.  Screen and battery repairs rarely cause data loss if properly shut down before the service.  If you are worried about data loss, we highly recommend that you do a complete backup to your iCloud account, iTunes and/or your computer.  We can’t guarantee that there will be no data loss.  Please plan accordingly. We will ask that you spend a few minutes to test the phone when you pick it up. We want to make sure that is working properly and it is repaired to your satisfaction.  You are the final judge.

Warranty on screen repairs are for manufacturer defects or failure. The warranty does not cover the screen getting cracked again by dropping, flexing or running over it with your car...

If you started to replace the screen and found it wasn't as easy to complete as you thought, we would be happy to assist you on this.  Just bring the parts in to the shop and we will figure out how we can help you and any costs to assist you.

Any other repair costs of the iPhone are on a case by case basis.  It all depends on what will be repaired (cost of part + labor).  A quote will be given.

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