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Morris, MN  56267


We have begun to stock our Discount Den over the last month.
What is the Discount Den all about?
We will have selected products on sale - Open Box, Used and Refurbished.
Computers, printers, software and "other things" are all included.

Just Saying!

As you may have noticed - Mr. Sparks doesn't work at Tech Plus anymore.
Mr. Sparks has moved back to Jacksonville Florida to be near family.
We wish Mr. Sparks all the best in his future endevours in the Sun Shine State.

At the present time Tech Plus has suspended working on iphones.  WHY?

1.  Time restraints
2.  iphone OS updates makes aftermarket parts non-workable
3.  Apple parts are just very expensive
4.  iphone 8 & 10 have made it almost impossible to fix
5.  We will resume once we figure out how to offer service at decent price

Sale of the week link
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