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What is Tech Plus?

You may know that we are a computer store located in Morris Minnesota but still not sure of what we have to offer. Let me tell you a little bit about Tech Plus and what it has to offer you.

We have 3-5 laptops on hand at any time that would fill the needs of your family, business or future college student. Our selection of laptops should fall within the budget of anyone looking for a new laptop.

If we don't have what you need or desire in a laptop we can find the right one for you.

We have Tech Plus Custom desktops on hand that will meet your computer needs.  We can also custom build the desktop computer that will exactly cover all your needs, wants or desires.

Tech Plus has 3 sizes of monitors on hand
22"   24"    27"

Do we have used and refurbished stuff?  We periodically have refurbished and/or used equipment on hand.  By visiting our web site or following our social media posts on a weekly basis you will stay up to date on what we have on hand.  The inventory changes quite often and any sales that we do have on refurbished and used equipment is done thru this web page and social media.

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